Cell Gel Strong Reusable Wall Mount Hooks

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Never have trouble hanging wreaths, decorations and other objects around the house again!  Cell Gel Mounts Hooks are strong and do the job.  The best part is you can remove and reuse without damage to the surface.

- Rated up to 9lbs on smooth surfaces

- Washable sticky side to clean reuse over and over

- Pivoting hook to allow hanging from various angles

- Great for decorations, kitchen use and anywhere around the house or office

- No more failing suction cups, one time use or damage from permanent mounts

- For strongest hold, press to the surface all over and let sit 12 hours before using.  Can be used instantly, but this way creates maximum hold when needed.

UPC# 781159840920

The importance of reliable wall mount hooks cannot be overstated for an organized and clutter-free living or working space. Enter our Strong Hold Reusable Hooks – a game-changer designed to provide robust support for your belongings while offering the convenience of reusability. Let's explore how...Readmore