Cell Gel Wall Mount Phone Holder Pack of 3

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Cell Gel Mounts unique two bracket design allows flexibility to work with any phone, tablet or Nintendo Switch.  Brackets can be arranged a number of ways to create the perfect mounting solution in any direction. 

Our specially designed sound cups allow audio to be focused directly to the user when using audio and allows the sound to funnel in when recording audio.  They even come with a slim travel case to protect your mounts when you are on the go

Great for hands free video streaming, video conferencing, creating video content, photos and much more.  Perfect universal design to work with ANY phone or tablet mount to almost any smooth, flat surface.  

MOUNT IT ANYWHERE! Remove and reuse with no residue left behind.  If ever becomes not sticky, just wash, scrub lightly and air dry and it is good as new!

For best results, press on the mount to the desired surface and let it sit for an hour or so for best temporary bond.  To remove, just slowly twist and pull.

What's Included:

  • 3 sets of Cell Gel Mounts (1 set constitutes 2 mounting brackets)
  • 3 re-useable travel/storage cases
  • Free Shipping!

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UPC: 797059911530 Black